MIOT Hospitals launches MODE (MIOT Organ Drive) - a massive drive to enrol Organ Donors:

To commemorate their 10th Anniversary Year, MIOT Hospitals launches MODE (MIOT ORGAN DRIVE) on August 28, 2009.

Over the last 10 years MIOT Hospitals has innovated and demystified treatment for the benefit of patient management. As a Multi-Specialty Hospital involved in Stem Cell Research we have seen the benefits that organ donation brings. Although science has made it possible for virtually every organ except the brain to be transplanted, there is a huge shortage of donors. The reason for this is due to lack of education, fear and the non-availability of a hassle free system of organ donation after death.

MIOT Organ Drive aims to educate, enrol and propagate organ donation after death. This is safe, quick and hugely beneficial for India. Presently, owing to the huge shortage of organs, for example, heart valves, our government and patients are spending millions of rupees every month to import artificial implants from the west. Organ donation would go a long way in saving a life and in helping our economy.

To encourage the public and clear their misconceptions about organ donation Thirumathi. Durgavathi Stalin, wife of our Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Thiru. Dr. M.K. STALIN registered herself as the first person with MODE, so that her organs may be donated.

Followed this Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Thiru. Dr. M.K. STALIN also registered himself with MODE, so that his organs may be donated. This is to provide the impetus for all citizens of India to learn more about organ donation after death and to pledge their support and organs for this noble cause.