Gift a Life

You don’t need to be a hero to save a life. All you need is a large heart and compassion.

There are thousands of Indians suffering today, waiting desperately for an organ. For instance, every year over 100,000 people are diagnosed with kidney failure who need urgent transplants, but due, mainly, to non-availability of organs only 2,500 kidney transplants are done. Likewise there are blind people needing eyes, heart patients unable to lead normal lives and patients waiting for livers and pancreas.

Everyday their loved ones watch helplessly as they suffer and the family finances dwindle. Everyday they pray for one thing. “Please God, give us a donor”. You can be that donor. There may come a time in our lives, when a situation arises – which leaves us brain dead, with no hope of recovery. If we have signed on as an organ donor then, our organs, corneas (eyes) liver, kidneys, heart and pancreas can be harvested and donated.


What do you need to do?

  • Organ Donor Consent:The first step is to have the “Will to Donate”. You can signal your intention by emailing your details to which will indicate your willingness to donate your organs.
  • Organ Donor Card: Our team will be in touch with you and provide you with a Organ Donor Card. Please carry the organ donor card with you at all times.
  • Inform you’re near and dear ones: Next you must inform your near and dear ones to respect your wishes as it is they who will be in a position to call MODE.
  • This is very important. An approximate 35% of organ donations do not go through as the next of kin refuse their consent.
  • Follow Government protocol: Once the call is made, we will proceed as per Government protocol. Within days grateful donors will receive transplants that will give them a new lease of life.