Mission & Vision

MODE, (MIOT Organ Drive) is an initiative of MIOT Hospitals. MODE has been created to extend the reach of the Government of Tamil Nadu, Organ Donor Programme. MODE‘s objectives include creating awareness and launching a massive drive to sensitise the public for the need for organ donation.

Costs you nothing. Gives everything:

At MIOT everyday we see patients waiting helplessly for transplants, while the organs that could save them are burned or buried because of lack of permission. The situation can be eased very simply by a thoughtful and harmless gesture on your part that costs nothing but gives everything. All you have to do for now is just register to be an organ donor.

As per Government Regulations only:

MODE will only handle the promotion and coordination – your organs will be harvested by the Government in accordance with regulations spelled out in TRANSPLANTATION OF HUMAN ORGANS ACT 1994.

This is a comprehensive Act formulated by the Government of Tamil Nadu to safeguard donors, regulate organ removal and ensure that the organs are distributed in an equitable manner. The provisions of the ACT is available in this website.

We do wish all of you long healthy lives. But let us also be generous in death.