HELP SOMEONE LIVE AFTER YOU Take a minute to help someone in need. Sign up today! DONATE AN ORGAN. GIFT a LIFE Be the change that the world wants. Gift the invaluable. BE A SYMBOL OF HOPE FOR THOSE
Be the reason someone smiles today. Donate your organs.


Thousands of people are losing their lives every day for want of organs. Somebody’s mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife or child may be saved by the decision you take today. A decision to be an organ donor.

MODE is an initiative of MIOT Hospitals. As a hospital we see first hand, the desperate plight of people waiting for transplants. We find, most people, when made aware of the facts about organ donation are willing to donate their organs but hesitate because of misconceptions or because they don’t know how to go about it. That’s why to commemorate MIOT Hospitals’ 10th Anniversary Year in a meaningful way, we launched MODE on August 28, 2009. MODE will spread awareness, answer all your questions and help you register easily. Your data will be passed on to the Government of Tamil Nadu’s Organ Donor Programme. And someday, if the opportunity ever arises – you will live on in the prayers and hearts of a grateful family.

You have it in you to save a life

Don’t just think about it. Do it!